Jay Bennett, the former guitar player/keyboardist for Wilco died in his sleep earlier this week. Bennett joined the group before the album "Being There" and was dismissed shortly after the recording of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." His contribution to the group was obvious and immeasurable. As a solo artist, he had released a number of mildly popular albums and collaborations. The music world has lost a true original.
So, those of you who have read my writings for awhile (and care) will have noticed that I am a big fan of Uncle Tupelo, and the subsequent bands that formed out of its demise: Son Volt and Wilco.

Well, ever since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was released (by Wilco) and Rolling Stone hailed it as a masterpiece, Jeff Tweedy has been releasing crappier and crappier music in an attempt to live up to that legendary status he believes he deserves. From bad soundtrack releases (Chelsea Walls) to bad side projects (Loose Fur) to just straight up awful Wilco releases (Sky Blue Sky) Tweedy has proved that he is willing to go to all lengths to release the most obnoxious hipster bullshit possible.

So, in keeping with this, June 30th will mark the release of Wilco (The Album), which will be the biggest, steamiest pile of manure that Tweedy and co. could muster. If you have the stomach, you can stream it now over here, but do so with trepidation.
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